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After a period of absence, Dr. Reckeweg products are again available in the Irish market, exclusively from Premier Health Check.

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About Dr. Reckeweg

Dr. Reckeweg was founded in Germany in 1912 by Heinrich Reckeweg (1877-1944). He was motivated by the failure of orthodox medicine to help him after suffering several serious illnesses in his early twenties.

Heinrich was familiar with the teachings of Hahnemann, and because he had always been interested in botanical medicine and other natural healing practices, taught himself homeopathy and became an alternative practitioner, founding The EuPha Laboratory, which was registered with the Public Health Institution. One of his first products was a cough syrup, “Jutussin Stickhustenhilfe”, to treat whooping cough. To this day, Jutussin R8 is still distributed worldwide.

When Heinrich passed away in 1944 the laboratory closed down. In 1947 two of his sons, Klaus Gunther Reckeweg and homeopathic physician Dr. Alfred Reckeweg, re-founded the company using the knowledge passed down by their father. Over the next few years they developed a series of 60 homeopathic remedies.

Following a period of rapid growth, Dr. Reckeweg & Co. GmbH moved to their current location in Bensheim. A larger premises, and the complete modernisation of the technical department, saw the range of products increase to 95.

The company is now in its 72nd year and is currently run by the fourth generation of Reckeweg’s.

Are you a consumer interested in Dr. Reckeweg solutions?

You can talk to your local homeopathic practitioner, or alternatively, you can send us an email and we will be happy to share information on your nearest practitioner of Dr. Reckeweg products

70 years of Dr. Reckeweg

About Dr. Reckeweg in Ireland

Dr. Reckeweg products have been sold in England since 1955. In 1996, due to the requirements of the MHRA (Medicines Health & Regulatory Affairs) for a single supplier in England, Dr. Reckeweg (U.K.) Ltd. was appointed as the sole distributor for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

In 1998, together with other homeopathic companies from the UK and Ireland, we formed the IHTA (Irish Health Traders Association) and worked with the Irish Medicines Board to promote acceptance of homeopathic remedies and food supplements.

Around this time Clinic Support was established in Ireland, with Dr. Reckeweg (U.K.) Ltd. suppling the products for Irish practitioners to purchase.  When the owner of Clinic Support unfortunately passed away in 2013, the company was closed down.

A new agency relationship between Dr. Reckeweg (U.K.) Ltd. and Premier Health Check means that the complete range of Dr. Reckeweg products are once again available in Ireland.

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